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California Personal Injury Attorney:


Our Los Angeles law firm is experienced with the broad variety of personal injury cases that occur throughout Southern California. In simplest terms, life has risks – that is the reason insurance companies provide liability insurance. But it is up to you, the injured party, to pursue compensation for a personal injury caused by another person or institution.

Representing Personal Injury Clients:

The law protects anyone from suffering the economic effects of a physical injury caused by others, which includes direct compensation for out-of-pocket expenses (costs associated with medical care), as well as indirect costs, such as lost earnings and pain and suffering. Physical disabilities or disfigurements are compensable. Also compensable are loss of social, educational and family experiences due to the injury, plus emotional effects such as stress, embarrassment, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. Recent court rulings even place a value on “loss of consortium,” the inability to engage in sexual relations attributed to physical or emotional damage.

The monetary compensation a plaintiff can expect from a successful case depends on the facts of the claim, and the nature and extent of the injury. Severity is determined by these factors:
·Pain intensity
·Extent of medical treatment required
·Obviousness of injury (medical evidence is valued higher than claimed symptoms)
·Extent of recovery period
·Permanence of injuries
·Treatment via physicians compared to physical therapy, chiropractic and other non-physicians

The sum of these is then ranked on a scale of 1.5 to 10, which then becomes a multiplier that is applied to out-of-pocket expenses (example: $10,000 in medical expenses incurred in an accident deemed a 3.0 in severity results in $30,000 award).

If you, the plaintiff, are found to be partially responsible for the injury, the award amount will likely be decreased. But partial fault does not necessarily eliminate an award.

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If you have sustained a personal injury and are ready to learn how our Los Angeles personal can assist you and your family, please call us today for a free consultation about personal injuries.
Reina Resnik is an experienced attorney who will provide you with wise and compassionate legal counsel and representation through each stage of the process. Remember, you pay nothing if we do not win your case.

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Our firm specializes in all types of personal injury law, including without limitation auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, train accidents, airplane accidents, accidents involving pedestrians, accidents involving bicyclists, accidents involving skateboarders, slip and fall accidents, premises liability or unsafe premises claims, dog bite accidents, wrongful death accidents. No case is too small or too large for us to handle.


  1. DO stop at the scene, or as close as possible, without obstructing traffic any more than necessary;
  2. DO determine if you, or any of your passengers, are injured, and if so, stay put and call 911;
  3. DO call the police and report the accident, even if you and/or your vehicle are only slightly injured;
  4. DO get detailed information from the other drivers and/or parties and/or witnesses involved, including name, address, phone number, vehicle or motorcycle information, insurance information, the location, date and time of the accident;
  5. DO take photographs of the accident scene, location of the vehicles, any visible injuries, road signs, skid marks, damage to the vehicle(s);
  6. DO communicate all of your injuries to the police, even if you do not need immediate medical attention;
  7. DO seek immediate medical attention if there is any possibility that you may be hurt;
  8. DO report the accident to your insurance company;
  9. DO NOT admit fault;
  10. DO NOT give a recorded statement, or any statement, to the other driver’s insurance company;
  11. DO NOT minimize your injuries, even if you feel bad for the other driver or feel embarrassed; and
  12. DO NOT try to settle your own claim if you have a serious injury or sought medical treatment for your injury.